Multifunctional Air Purifier

Fits easily in the cup holder of almost all cars.

YOUR PERSONAL PURIFIER. Portable, light weight packed with features like:

Gesture Controlled Operation – You need not take your eyes off the road. Switch the PranaVital Car Air Purifier on or increase the speed with your gesture.

Japanese Technology – PranaVital Car Air Purifier comes with a high quality PM2.5 sensor (with LED display) used in the imported from Sharp, Japan. The PM2.5 data detected by the air purifier is the air quality around the unit.

The LED lights display four colours based on PM2.5 data. The change in the colour of the LED light indicates the current air quality.

  1. Blue: air quality is excellent. PM 2.5: 0-50.
  2. Yellow: air quality is good. PM 2.5: 50-100.
  3. Orange: moderate haze. PM 2.5: 100-250.
  4. Red: air is heavy haze. PM 2.5: >250. 
  • Portable Car/Home/Office Air Purifier
  • Gesture Controlled Operations
  • PM2.5 monitor (4 colour LED Display)
  • Anion 3 million PCS/cm3
  • HEPA 12 Filter
  • Aromatherapy Function
  • Easy to replace Filter

The life of the filter of the PranaVital Car Air Purifier is 500 hours. However, according to the actual situation, the service life of the filter screen varies with the degree of haze pollution. It is recommended to replace the filter once every 2-3 months. 

PranaVital Car Air Purifier does not contain any batteries, so it does not have a power storage function. The purifier will automatically stop working after the power is turned off, after the car is parked.The powered in some cars will not be shut off after parking, in this case, the purifier will continue to work or be manually turned off. 

Prana 360 – The Ultimate Home Smog Tower

PranaVital Prana 360 home air purifier is a highly-efficient ring-type large area & multi-layer composite high-efficiency strainer, combined with the rapid response catalyst, UV lamp and surface spray nano-anatase titanium dioxide honeycomb ceramics rod.

Prana 360 can quickly filter the airborne bacteria, PM2.5 particles; formaldehyde, benzene and other TVOC gases.

Prana 360 is equipped with the negative oxygen ion generator (up to 3 million/cm3) to effectively improve the air quality and allow you to breathe the fresh air.

Prana 360 is also provided with the super-suction vortex fan and advanced air duct, guaranteeing the greater airflow to effectively save the energy and reduce the noise. The overall design is simple and fashionable and suitable for different occasions.


  • Intelligent Detection: Air quality is identified according to the air colour changes from the fuselage, and then the appropriate air purification procedure is automatically selected.
  • Intelligent control: New touch control ensures remote control operations and distinguished experiences.
  • Compound strainer: Special silver loaded activated carbon strainer effectively removes the formaldehyde, PM2.5 and other harmful impurities.
  • Cyclone structure: Air outlet is of the cyclone structure to keep stirring the indoor air to speed up the purification effect.
  • Anions: High-concentrations of anions quickly clean the air, remove the smell and create an oxygen bar just like after rain.
  • Honeycomb ceramic rod: surface is coated with nano-anatase titanium dioxide which in the ultraviolet light irradiation can efficiently oxidise and decompose the formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful organic substances. The essential oil In the ceramic core makes you immersed in the fragrance of nature.
  • Germicidal UV: Built-in UV germicidal lamp can effectively kill a variety of bacteria and virus In the air.


  • Ring-type large area multi-layer composite high-efficiency strainer, with the rapid response catalyst
  • UV lamp and surface spray Nano-Anatase Titanium
    Dioxide honeycomb ceramics rod
  • Quickly filters the airborne bacteria, PM2.5 particles and formaldehyde, benzene and other TVOC gases
  • Negative oxygen ion generator (up to 3 million/cm3)
  • Super-suction vortex fan with an advanced air duct
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